Fibo panels are an innovative solution for areas in your home subject to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens, ensuring a 100% waterproof wall system. These panels are not only practical in safeguarding your walls against water damage but also offer a sleek and modern aesthetic. With Fibo’s easy-to-install system, you can efficiently protect and enhance the walls of your demanding rooms.

The standard size of a Fibo wall panel is 94 x 24 inches, which conveniently clicks together using the patented Fibo Aqualock. This design feature facilitates a straightforward installation process, creating seamless joints that contribute to the panel’s water-resistant integrity. By choosing these durable panels, you are equipped with a wall system that provides extra durability and easy cleaning, backed by a long-term warranty for your peace of mind.

Why You Should Choose Fibo

When considering wall panels for your bathroom or kitchen, Fibo stands out for its numerous advantages over traditional tiling methods. Here’s why you should consider Fibo for your walls:

Why choose Fibo

Durability and Maintenance: Fibo wall panels are designed for exceptional durability and ease of maintenance. Being 100% waterproof means they are ideal for wet rooms and areas with high moisture levels. You’ll benefit from walls that resist water damage and mold growth, translating to long-term reliability and fewer repair needs.

Installation Efficiency: Fibo’s system is engineered for quick and easy installation. The full-height panels and Aqualock feature allow for fast assembly with virtually invisible joints. Unlike the lengthy process required for tiling, Fibo panels make it possible to fit a bathroom in half the traditional time.

Design Versatility: With Fibo, you’re not compromising on aesthetics for functionality. Boasting a selection of over 700 pattern combinations, you have the freedom to choose a style that fits your decor while the predetermined faux grout color adds to the panel’s visual appeal.

Cost-Effectiveness: Lowering labor costs and reducing waste, Fibo panels minimize the number of tradespeople needed. This efficient use of resources, along with shorter drying and hardening times, leads to a reduction in total project costs.

Sustainability: If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, Fibo provides a sustainable solution that promotes environmental responsibility without sacrificing quality.

Warranty: With Fibo, your investment is protected. They offer a Limited Lifetime warranty and a 25-year warranty for commercial installations, giving you peace of mind that your walls are covered for years to come.

Fibo Panel Specifications

Fibo panels offer a blend of aesthetic variety and high-performance features suitable for your bathroom and kitchen spaces. These panels are designed not only to enhance the look of your rooms but also to ensure durability and ease of maintenance.

Fibo specifications

Dimensions and Composition

Your Fibo wall panels are crafted from 7-layer birch plywood that measures 23/64″ thick, providing a sturdy base for the high-pressure laminate front coating. The standard dimension you can expect is 24 x 94 inches, with certain designs available in extended lengths of 118 inches for complete wall coverage.

Design and Customization

The range of Fibo panel designs allows for a seamless replacement of traditional tiles, with a spectrum of hues and textures at your disposal. Whether you seek a minimalistic look or a bold statement, you can choose from various collections to suit your taste. The ColourMatch technology ensures that joints between panels are discreet, maintaining a clean, continuous appearance.

Installation Essentials

You can install Fibo panels easily thanks to the Aqualock system. For installation, here are the essentials you’ll need:

  • Saw or cutter for panel sizing
  • Fibo Seal for waterproofing the joints
  • Screws or nails for securing panels to the substrate, as well as a level for a clean look
  • MS polymer sealant or silicone for corner and end profiles Installation instructions and videos are available to guide you through the process.

Waterproofing and Durability

Expect a 100% waterproof wall system when you use Fibo panels. They are approved under the Norwegian wet room standard, ensuring they serve as an excellent moisture barrier. They come with a limited lifetime warranty, confirming their longevity and low maintenance requirements.

Technical Certifications

Fibo wall panels are not just visually pleasing; they meet high sustainability and safety standards. They hold the ETA (European Technical Assessment) 022 approval and Greenguard certification, making them a health-conscious choice. These certifications testify to the panels’ flame-resistant and low-emission properties.