At Calahan Bath, Kitchen, and Sunrooms, we continue enhancing your home from the inside out. But why stop there? Throughout Delaware and the surrounding states, we’ve become the go-to remodeler for homeowners looking to make the beauty of the outdoors a part of their homes.

Sunrooms have seen a recent surge in the area, and our customers have enjoyed every moment. But if you’re looking to tear down the walls completely, Delaware residents need to know about our Liferoom Louvered Roof System.

A louvered roof gives you all the openness of a pergola and the added protection overhead against the elements. The manufactured roof blades can pivot within 140 degrees by flipping a switch, letting you choose between a sun-soaked afternoon or a protective shade in the rain.

But don’t let its technology fool you. Partnered with Four Seasons craftsmanship, we’ll give you all the elegance you can dream of.

What Are Roof Louvers For?

Don’t be left out of the fun! Roof louvers are for everyone. Did you know that 90% of Americans consider their outdoor space more valuable than in previous years? Whether you’re talking about annual cookouts, a patio movie theater, or a space made to get the kids outside more, installing a Liferoom Louvered Roof System does all that and more.

Four Seasons surveyed homeowners looking to get more from their backyard, and the top five reasons a louvered roof fit their needs were more space for cooking, entertaining, summer fun, yoga, and gardening.

louvered roof stats

A roof louver is just what the doctor ordered for Delaware homeowners with a vision of a new outdoor haven!

Can Louvered roof Hold Snow?

Worried about those sudden snow storms in the northeast winter? Don’t be. Louvered roofs are made with structural grade aluminum from frame to blade to withstand the weight of average snowfalls. Better yet, it doesn’t rust or rot. So the extra moisture won’t break down your materials like other options will.

And don’t stress over the electronic components that rotate the louver blades. A powder coating is used to protect every inch of your outdoor paradise while keeping its attractive appearance all year round.

Are Louvered Roofs Waterproof?

How about some more proof? 

The Liferoom louvered roof system is waterproof in every sense of the word. Not only do the blades quietly interlock to create a secure seal, but there’s a slight pitch that acts to filter the rainwater into an internal gutter system.

This outdoor addition isn’t just for sunny days outside!

Louvered Roof System Near Me

Do you live in Delaware or the surrounding areas and want an entertaining area with functionality and elegance? Our Liferoom louvered roof system must be at the top of your list.

Put your trust in us and our top-ranked local installers. We pride ourselves in working with you to give you the home you deserve. So don’t ignore the great outdoors. Instead, make it a part of your home.