Everyone has small bathrooms, and most people don’t have the budget for a full remodel. Luckily there are many small bathroom remodeling ideas that can be performed to make it seem like you upgraded your small space without spending much money or time. We will go through some of these small bathroom remodeling ideas so you can see what is possible with just a few simple changes!

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas are a sought-after commodity. When you feel like your bathroom may be too small to upgrade to your liking, just remember small changes can make a big difference. Here are just a few changes you can implement as soon as today.

Install New Lighting Over Sink and Toilet

By installing new light fixtures in your bathroom, you allow for the space to become brighter, which in turn will make small bathrooms feel larger. By installing a new light fixture over the sink or toilet, you can also make it easier to see what you are doing when using either of these fixtures and minimize trips to the bathroom!

Tip: When shopping for new lighting fixtures, be sure that your new lights will work with current wiring and plumbing so they don’t require any additional installation time. Newer homes may need an electrician to install them but older homes do not have this requirement…usually!

This small change in bathroom remodeling is one that takes only seconds (literally) but makes a big difference in how much space feels available in small spaces. You can bring in a small and simple light fixture that adds the brightness you are looking for.

Pro buying tip: Don’t be scared to spend a little extra for that more ornate piece. Every little bit helps and upgrading the lighting is not as expensive as you might think. Do your homework and shop around. Maybe wait until a holiday season to grab the best deal.

New Paint Will Completely Turn Your Small Bathroom Around

Paint is a small bathroom remodeling idea that you can easily do on your own. With the right color palette, small bathrooms will feel larger and new again in just minutes!

Tip: Be sure to paint around any existing furniture or fixtures so they are not covered up by the wall behind them. Paint does have an expiration date- if it has been sitting too long at all, be careful about using it as this could affect how well it covers.

We recommend a clean white look to “expand” space in your small bathroom. And just so you avoid a bland look, consider an accent wall. Perhaps something in a shade of green, blue, or yellow. These colors typically make small spaces feel larger and are a great focal point.

Replace The Bathroom Mirror With Something Frameless

This small bathroom remodeling idea is a simple one that makes the room appear larger. By replacing your old mirror with something frameless, you will instantly add more space to any small bathroom without costing much at all!

Tip: Be sure to take measurements of what size and shape you require before making this small change in your small bath area. Measure from where it needs to be installed on wall-to-wall (including height) so the new frameless mirror doesn’t look too small for the space or leave an awkward gap between floor and frame.

Consider getting rid of other decorative items in favor of those that are simpler looking as well. This could include artwork or decor around the toilet paper holder, towel rack, etc. Anything that can easily be removed to give more space in small bathrooms.

Upgrade To New Faucets, Showerhead, And Other Fixtures

Another small bathroom remodeling idea that will make a difference in small spaces is by upgrading your existing fixtures. This includes the faucet and showerhead. Consider something with a more modern or fresh appearance.

Tip: When shopping for new fixtures, be sure you are buying ones that fit both style and budget- don’t let them break up two of these!

There are many styles available today from brushed nickel to copper bronze finishes depending on what look you’re going for in your small bathroom. And our favorite part? You can do this one yourself without needing any additional help beyond tools like an Allen wrench set!

The small change of replacing old faucets, showers heads, etc., can give the feel of a whole new small bathroom when completed. This is an easy small remodeling idea that will also help you save money on your water bill as the new fixtures are more efficient!

Install New Flooring

Your next step should be to install new flooring. This small change can make your bathroom space feel more modern and fresh – without breaking the bank! Consider going for something with a geometric or contemporary pattern that will contrast nicely against any pastel colors you have in the small bath area.

Tip: Be sure to measure properly before pulling up old flooring so it doesn’t become too costly when buying materials for the installation of new ones.

There are many options available today from wood, ceramic tile, vinyl, linoleum, etc., so pick what best suits your tastes and budget while also needing to be easy enough for one person to install by themselves (or just as easily with help!).

This small bathroom remodeling idea will make your small space feel like it’s been newly renovated! And the best part is that with new flooring, you’ll also have something to show off when guests come over as the old wood or tile floors are pretty dated looking and don’t offer much in terms of “home” decor – so why not try this one yourself without needing any help?

Tip #2: Be sure to put down some form of protection between your current flooring and what lies beneath (old carpet, another layer of wood) before pulling up these surfaces if they’re still there. It can save you from having water damage issues later on due to installing new materials too quickly.

Consider Using Wall Shelves

Installing wall shelving isn’t just functional, it can also be attractive. This small bathroom remodeling idea can be used to organize your small space by adding some shelving above the toilet or at either side of it.

Tip: Be sure that you measure before installing shelves so they aren’t too low for easy access (especially if you have a small bath area with no door) and also don’t block natural light from coming into this small room! Consider getting these materials installed by professionals who will know what is best when considering the size, location, etc., in order to make them as functional as possible while still being aesthetically pleasing within the small bathroom decor.

Wall shelves are one more great way to utilize any extra square footage in small bathrooms without having to spend much money on new storage furniture – just measure, install and enjoy the small change!

Tip #2: If installing yourself, be sure to use brackets or drywall mounts when installing these shelves to ensure they’re hung correctly. And be careful not to place anything on them that is too heavy as this can cause it all to crash down onto your bathroom countertops or fixtures below.

This small remodeling idea will help organize any small space but also give you some extra storage in a new way without taking up much floor (or wall!) space – which always feels good when there’s so little of it available in already tiny bathrooms!

Buy A New Shower Curtain

Finally, think about getting a new shower curtain that goes with the new decor or paint. Feel free to spice things up a little by going for a patterned shower curtain, but don’t forget to consider the small bathroom remodeling idea of installing some hooks on your wall or attaching them onto the already-existing rod.

Tip: Hang this new shower curtain with rings in order to avoid having it constantly fall down and then hang itself back up! This will help you save so much time as there is only one small item that needs attention each day – not multiple items throughout your small space at all times.

This small bathroom remodeling idea can be done easily by yourself without any tools needed (except maybe a drill if hanging from walls) and still looks like an easy change when completed. Plus it’s inexpensive too which always makes homeowners happy about their home improvement projects!

After reading these tips, you’ve probably got a few ideas for how to remodel your small bathroom. We know it can be hard deciding what features are worth the investment and which ones won’t make much of an impact on the space. If all this sounds like too much work, don’t worry! Our team is ready to answer any questions or concerns that come up during your planning process so feel free to reach out with anything else you may need from us.