You’ve got yourself a brand-new sunroom, and you love it! But despite the sun’s warmth on your face, it still feels like nature isn’t as close as you’d like it to be. So what can you do?

Well, lucky for you, Calahan Bath has had plenty of experience building sunrooms for our clients. And fortunately, our customers have shared their well-thought-out plans for making the most of their new space.

So, take a page from Delaware and Pennsylvania sunroom owners, and try one of these five tips for bringing the outside in!

1. Invite Nature Inside

First up, you can drastically improve the environment of your sunroom by letting nature settle its roots indoors.

Invite Nature Inside

I’m sure you’ve already got some spider, snake, and rubber plants neatly placed around the room. But I need you to think bigger!

Hear me out. Have you ever considered a green wall? In this instance, you’d take one wall of your sunroom and create a living vertical plane with natural plants.

It’s not for everyone, but it makes a heck of a statement. Just make sure you pick the wall best prepared to support plant growth.

If a living wall isn’t quite your style, you could tone it down by adding some extra pop with hanging fruits and veggies. Or if hanging vegetation isn’t ideal, don’t be afraid to place a giant tree inside as an accent piece. Perhaps a lemon tree to play off those bright yellows?

Regardless of your decision, the point is to experiment and not shy away from something bigger and more adventurous.

2. Nurture an Outdoorsy Aroma

Did you know that our sense of smell is the strongest of all human senses? The power of scent triggers our memory, and it’s working 24/7, whether you want it to or not. Furthermore, a particular aroma can cause any number of different emotions. It can reduce anxiety, make you giddy, or put you at peace.

the power of aroma

The power aroma has over our state of mind is why we should fill our sunrooms with it. Just be sure to pick the scents carefully. Granted, you could grab a couple of favorites from Bath and Body Works, but branch out a little and pick an incense or diffuser that matches the environment you’re mimicking.

For example, choose a blend of lavender, gardenia, jasmine, or eucalyptus if you live near the ocean. Or try something essential oils like pine needle or juniper if you’re shooting for a woodsy feel.

And rely on more than just manufactured mixtures. Grab some of your favorite bits of nature and bring them inside. Not only will you get that welcoming outdoor aroma, but it’ll add to the decor.

…which is our next tip.

3. Intentional Decor

Decorate your sunroom to match your preferred outdoor environment.

I touched on this a minute ago, but bring the elements inside from the space you want to imitate. Did you grow up on a beach? Then grab some seashells, sand, and mason jars to create your own decor.

create the beach around you

Whatever the space you’re trying to create, use all the natural materials you can. Think about stone, wood, anything that could be hand woven. Many decorators suggest using rattan furniture because of its tropical handmade feel.

And remember color! Whether painting large surface areas or adding splashes of outdoor hues around the room, the right colors can pull together your space and create the vision you’re hoping for.

4. Natural Flooring is a Must

This is a given, but tip number four to bring the outside in is to transform your floor.

Choosing a natural-looking floor will make your sunroom look and feel like it’s an extension of the outdoors, more so than it already does. And I’m not suggesting you install some stone tile on the floor. You need to pick something warm and inviting. In most cases, this will be some natural wood, often bamboo.

bamboo flooring in sunroom

Yes, this will be more expensive, but it will feel more authentic to you and your guests.

5. Don’t Forget What It’s All About

My last bit of advice for optimizing your sunroom and making it a part of nature is to remember the point of your sunroom, which is more natural light. 

Please don’t make it overcomplicated and busy yourself adding all this extra stuff only to block the path of the sun from getting in through those big windows. It would help if you did what you could to add more of the outdoors to the room, but keeping that heavenly shine constant is more important than the other changes you’ll make.

And if you still need to start the build of your new sunroom, give us a call! We’ve got plenty more tips to pass your way.