Refacing kitchen cabinets is ideal for anyone who wants to minimize the cost, mess, and stress of a kitchen renovation project. But what exactly is it?

Cabinet Refacing simply means taking your old, but sturdy, cabinet boxes, removing their fronts, sanding the boxes down, and covering them with a high-quality laminate. New door and drawer fronts are then attached to match the laminated boxes.

Why is Cabinet Refacing Better than Installing New Cabinets?

Updating cabinet doors

While brand new cabinets may seem like the natural way to go when looking to update your kitchen space, cabinet refacing can often be a very beneficial alternative to your wallet. There are actually many positive aspects to cabinet refacing, such as:

  • Lowered Remodeling Costs:  Cabinet refacing is an affordable solution for kitchen remodeling customers who want to make a big impact—without the large price tag.
  • Personalized Results: Designed around the needs and style of each unique project, products are custom-built to the customer’s expectations.
  • Lifetime Quality: Expertly crafted from materials that are durable, low-maintenance, and beautiful, all our products are backed by a lifetime transferable warranty.
  • Easy Installation: Completed in only a matter of days by installers that are fully trained by the manufacturer. Shortening your kitchen renovation time in half.

Cabinet refacing can save substantial time and money on any kitchen remodel. If you already have good cabinet boxes that just need a facelift then Cabinet Refacing is for you.

After refacing cabinet

This photo shows an example of one of our clients’ old cabinets, refaced on the front and still exposed on the side. The transformation is remarkable.

How is Cabinet Refacing done?

start cabinet refacing in Delaware

First, we start by removing all door and drawer fronts from your cabinet frames. Then, all surfaces are sanded down so that a bonding agent can be applied to the cabinet frame. The bonding agent has been applied twice to the surface as well as the laminate so that it ensures maximum contact.

kitchen cabinet doors removed Delaware

After the laminate is applied and rolled with a sturdy J-roller, it is trimmed with a router and hand-filed for perfection.

remove kitchen cabinet doors

Instead of laminating and reattaching the old door and drawer fronts we, at Calahan Bath and Kitchen, give you a brand new Duracore door and drawer fronts that are manufactured at the same time as your laminate to ensure a perfect match with your laminated cabinets.

Finished refacing kitchen cabinets

This process from start to finish takes a few days instead of a full kitchen renovation which takes a few weeks in most situations.

For a closer look at this entire project, take a minute to watch the video below. You’ll be able to get an overview of how each step in this process is completed to turn your kitchen into an updated living space.

How Durable is the Final Product?

Brand new kitchen cabinets

There are many different types of laminate out on the market. Formica is one of the most commonly used laminates, but not the best when it comes to cabinet refacing as it tends to peel. The best laminate for cabinet refacing, and what we use is V32. It is thick, durable, and will not form air bubbles and peel off if installed correctly. Our laminate products undergo rigorous heat, grease, water, moisture tests. They are easy to clean without abrasive cleaners.

The quality of the cabinet fronts is equally as important as the laminate used to reface them. Our Duracore doors and drawer fronts are made of 6 different types of wood, pressed down with 80,000 tons of pressure per square inch. This makes them impact-resistant and incredibly durable. They are non-porous which means easy to clean. Our cabinet fronts also undergo product testing such as water submersion, applied heat, and some of the most difficult stains to clean. When selecting a company to reface your kitchen, make sure to ask about the quality of products they use, their product warranty, and what testing the product has undergone, to make sure it will hold up to stains, steam, moisture, and heat in your kitchen.

Transforming Your Kitchen Couldn’t Be Easier

If you are looking to transform your kitchen on a budget with the full wow factor, then Cabinet Refacing is the clear answer.

It gives you the same desired results in a fraction of the time that it would take to remodel your entire kitchen. If you find a reputable company that uses quality products and has skilled installers, you will feel confident that when you show off your new kitchen, you will be complimented on your “new kitchen” and not your “refaced kitchen”.