How do you clean a glass roof on a sunroom?


Ok, ok. Joking aside, you can clean a glass roof of a sunroom with the proper equipment and technique.

There are some basic fundamentals to keep in mind, but we’ll get to that.

But for now, feel assured that you can do this yourself without hiring someone if you’re careful and plan ahead.

So let’s get into it.

Can I Walk on A Glass Sunroom Roof?

can i walk on a glass sunroom roof

First things first, you don’t want to walk on a glass sunroom roof. Otherwise, you’re in for a painful and life-threatening experience.

Glass sunroom roofs are not meant to hold your weight. And in a situation where you may absolutely have to get on the roof, you’ll need to place some crawl boards down first and use the structural bars that mount the glass as your supports.

Still, I don’t recommend doing it if it can be avoided.

So, if you can’t walk on a glass sunroom roof, how are you supposed to clean it?

Well, the answer lies in the tools you use.

What Do You Use to Clean a Conservatory Glass Roof?

what do you use to clean a conservatory glass roof

To clean a conservatory or sunroom glass roof, you need some tools that you might already have.

These include a bucket, squeegee, and rags. Boots or shoes with some good tread on them. Work gloves that function well when wet. A ladder. And finally, you need a telescoping pole.

A telescoping pole is an extension rod used to reach farther than your natural reach can get to.

Specifically, the ladder and telescoping pole will help you stay off the glass.

Oh, I almost forgot the cleaning solution.

Just some old-fashioned warm water and a touch of your preferred glass cleaner will do the trick. Nothing too abrasive, or you could damage the materials.

A popular method is to mix in some vinegar, but I’ll let you decide.

How Do You Clean a Glass Roof of A Sunroom?

cleaning a glass roof of a sunroom

So, you know what you need. Now how do you do it?

  • First, if you can, get someone to help before you climb up the ladder.

Even if you aren’t on the roof, it’s always a good idea to have someone assisting you. Whether it’s handing you the tools or bracing the ladder, it’ll go a long way in preventing a nasty fall.

  • Next, mix your solution and, with the assistance of your telescope pole and attached brush, begin cleaning the glass roof.

Whether it’s a flat sunroom roof or a variation of a cathedral design, begin washing and pull the pole toward you.

If your sunroom glass roof is a cathedral design, you can reach for the peak and focus on one side at a time.

If it’s a flat roof, clean from the furthest end and pull the excess water and dirt toward you.

get rid of excess dirt and water
  • The squeegee and rags come in handy to ensure all that scummy water doesn’t settle at the base of the frame.

Be cautious not to apply too much pressure as you scrub and pull. Accidents happen you a crack in your roof can turn into a real disaster!

  • Finally, swap out the brush on the pole with a fresh rag once you’re satisfied you’ve repeated the process enough and cleaned your glass roof sufficiently.

Now you’ll go back and dry any remaining solution left on the glass.

Feel free to use as many rags as needed to get it all.

And don’t rush. A hasty approach can damage your glass sunroom roof or leave streaks which will have you doing this all over again.

That’s it!

hard but not complicated

It’s not complicated. But don’t mistake that for it being easy.

The key to successfully cleaning the glass roof of a sunroom is patience.