There are many simple quick updates you can do to your kitchen to improve its look, its value, its usefulness and how you view and use the space. For example, not every kitchen update needs to be a massive undertaking and a full renovation.

Some simple updates to change the look of your kitchen could be as easy as replacing the hardware on your doors and drawers. Change the finish color for a new modern look or update your faucet to add a polished visual to an otherwise bland appliance. Even installing a backsplash or new floor can completely turn your old kitchen into a new room for entertaining guests.

These are simple things that you can do yourself without even having to hire a contracting company to remodel your kitchen. In most cases, it will only cost you a few hundred dollars. 

So, let’s dive into some of these options and get your mind turning. Your new kitchen awaits with a little of your imagination.

A new backsplash will make your kitchen pop while adding a little character

One quick update to your kitchen to bring your vision to life is installing a new tile backsplash. Installing tile in a kitchen, can be a larger undertaking. But if you decide on less complex tiles such as 12 inch by 12 inch sheets or subway tile, it is something that is manageable and you can do it yourself without having to hire a tile installer.

This beautiful new look could be the wow factor you are looking for in your kitchen. There are so many patterns and colors to choose from and easy application methods that you may be able to pull this off in just one weekend.

A new countertop could be the accent piece your kitchen needs

Another way to improve the look of your kitchen is to update and replace your countertops, especially if you have old laminate countertops that are peeling at the sides or fading in color.

I don’t often recommend this kind of project to be done by yourself without someone experienced available to advise. It can get extremely costly if you rush or mishandle the installation.

Perhaps you’re looking for a stone material such as granite, or maybe you want to upgrade to something like quartz that is going to last a lifetime. These options are not do-it-yourself products for the average DIYer.  You would most likely need to hire a stone fabricator and installer to do this properly.

However, with this simple update done right, you only have to spend a few thousand dollars on your new countertop; the accent piece of your kitchen! You will find yourself ushering all your guests into the kitchen to show off your beautiful new countertops with this effective upgrade!

Upgrade your kitchen floors to suit your 21st century needs

You walk on your kitchen floors every day. This is easily one of the most used surfaces in your kitchen, and chances are you don’t give it the TLC it needs; because let’s face it, when do you have the time?

With so many of us spending more and more time at home due to the pandemic, the wear and tear of our floors starts to become more apparent.

A quick and affordable option to update your kitchen is to install a new floor.

There have been many advances in the last 5 to 10 years in flooring products that just make more sense than the old school floors we were accustomed to. These floors are more economical, durable, easy to maintain, and just as beautiful as old traditional floors.

One of the options that we highly recommend is installing a luxury vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile flooring in your kitchen. These floors are not only waterproof, but they are guaranteed for a lifetime and they look absolutely beautiful! You don’t need to break the bank or your back (cleaning it) with these floors.

Just like the endless options of tile for backsplashes, there are many textured and colored luxury vinyl plank options as well.

Paint your walls for a dramatic and fresh update

Painting your kitchen is going to dramatically change its look.  You would be amazed at how well this little trick can change the entire appearance and ambiance of the room.  

Now, for those people with patience, this can definitely be a DIY project and pay off in the long run.  For those who don’t see themselves as the next Picasso or having the patience of Buddha, you might want to find a local painting company that can help you complete this task.

One suggestion we have, play around with a color wheel and find a color that enhances your kitchen. Maybe it will bring out the cabinet color or countertop color.

For a cozy feel, you may want to go with a darker hue. For a lighter and more organic look pick lighter tones.

Cabinet Refacing: the most powerful kitchen makeover tool

One of the simplest and most affordable updates you can make to your existing kitchen to really give it that wow factor and make it pop, is to reface your cabinets.

Cabinet refacing is when you laminate your existing cabinets with a high-quality laminate that has a textured wood, stain or painted look and then attach brand new door and drawer fronts to match.  

This is also a great time to install new hardware and slow close options since you will be taking all the fronts off the cabinets for laminating.  You really can give your kitchen a total facelift without having to get a new kitchen!

Now this is not a DIY project (unless you have previous experience) and we highly recommend hiring a reputable professional kitchen remodeling company to do the service for you. Cabinet refacing is a fraction of the cost of installing new cabinets. It saves you roughly 50% of what you would spend on brand new cabinets, and you get the same brand-new look.

All your neighbors will ask you who put in your new kitchen, not who refaced it!

When in doubt, hire a professional

No matter what updates you are thinking about doing in your kitchen, whether it’s a simple tile backsplash or an ambitious full kitchen renovation, make sure it is a project that you are qualified to do properly if doing it yourself.

Otherwise, the money you invest into your kitchen may not be well spent.

If you are not a DIYer, your best option is always to hire a reputable local kitchen remodeling contractor to execute your dream kitchen project. We at Calahan Bath and Kitchen would love to help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

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