We are excited to share with you the below article in which we were featured with several other popular contractors. A forever kitchen is a great project that needs proper planning, the right tools, and an experienced hand to turn your dreams into reality. The article below was written by Hannah Tan of Redfin.com.

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So, without further ado, enjoy this article on the must-haves for any forever kitchen design!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and designing a functional and beautiful space takes careful planning. While you don’t need a complete kitchen overhaul to achieve a modern look, certain timeless pieces and flexible styles will ensure your kitchen grows with your evolving needs. Whether you’re designing a kitchen from scratch in your custom Denver home, planning a kitchen remodel in your cozy Craftsman-style house, or need show-stopping design inspiration, we caught up with design experts on how to create a forever kitchen that withstands the tests of time – here’s how to achieve it.

9 must-haves when designing a forever kitchen

Planning out a kitchen remodel takes time, and you’ll want to make sure your investment pays off in the long run. A forever kitchen is one that has a timeless look and feel, but you don’t need to break the bank to achieve a modern yet classic look. Adding in these little details can instantly elevate the space. 

1) Start with a plan before designing a forever kitchen

When planning a kitchen remodel, you want to think about the design of your kitchen and how you will execute the remodeling process. Whether you’re planning a top-of-the-line kitchen or one with entry-level products, you can have a beautiful result by planning out your space properly with a qualified kitchen remodeling company. –Calahan Bath And Kitchen

2) Don’t rush the process

Curating a forever kitchen is really about listening to and honoring your authentic self. If you love a fun mosaic backsplash but find yourself starting to stray away from it, try instead to pair it with a classic countertop. Being true to yourself is the foundation of your kitchen, and it begins with knowing what you need and what you love – that’s how you know your kitchen design will stand the test of time. – Lindsay Stokes Kennedy, Kennedy Cole Interior Design

3) Switch things up with a fresh coat of paint

Over the past couple of years, the new trend has been painting kitchen cabinets white. White kitchen cabinets tend to have that timeless look that can withstand the tests of time. They look great when professionally done and go with just about anything. To add a personal touch, you can offset your kitchen island with a different color, such as a gray tone, for a subtle pop of color. –Paintco Painters

4) Pair classic flooring options with a tiled backsplash

A classic hardwood floor can last for generations in both function and fashion. Pairing it with a tiled backsplash provides an elegant and timeless enhancement to the perfect kitchen. Whether you are looking for sharp contrasts or a matching scheme, the possibilities are endless, and working with a company you can trust is essential to finding the perfect fit. –Kermans Flooring

5) Don’t forget the little details to pull your forever kitchen together

Look to the architectural palette that already exists in your space when designing a forever kitchen that feels updated, timeless, and fits with the rest of the home. If you’re drawn to matte black but have nickel finishes throughout your home, choose a mix of hardware, lighting fixtures, faucets, etc., that can incorporate both. If your home has very traditional elements throughout, but you’re drawn to modern kitchens, look for a transitional style cabinet door to marry the two styles. –These Days

6) Opt for tried-and-true classics for countertops

Countertops need to work hard from a practical point of view and a design perspective. Our advice? Avoid on-trend countertops or designs that are brightly or boldly colored if you are looking for ‘timeless.’” –Rocktop Surfaces

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7) Show off your forever kitchen with good lighting

When designing a forever kitchen, use lighting that makes a statement and complements the rest of the kitchen design. With that said, it’s been one of the newest (and coolest) trends to combine various lighting styles within the kitchen. For example, the kitchen island looks best with 2-3 large cord-mounted pendants. However, a small sconce or a mini pendant light will do the trick for the sink. Above both of these lights, recessed lighting will lighten up any dark corners of the room for a full and bright experience.

By combining different lighting styles, you can fill a kitchen with an atmosphere that makes late-night cooking and early-morning coffee feel more comfortable and relaxing. You can also use warm (or lower kelvin) LED bulbs over your island for a more peaceful and warming effect. Using layered lighting to complete your forever kitchen will add another piece of warmth and satisfaction for the years to come. –Steel Lighting Co.

8) Choose high-quality materials for your flooring

Timber has always been a timeless flooring option – you can’t forego a beautiful Blackbutt or Spotted Gum timber flooring for any style home, whether coastal or country. Timber flooring doesn’t go in and out of style, and it’s a stable item that’s extremely easy to style and pair with existing finishes. –Kawana Flooring

9) Use paint as an accent

I like seeing a white kitchen with cabinets playing the accent role. Paint the walls white (eggshell or matte finish), add navy or green cabinets, then throw on copper/brass pulls. You’ll tie in elegant and classic with a touch of modern for the perfect kitchen. –RollTheLex Painting