The age-old question…is a bath better than a shower? Who can honestly answer this question for everyone? Truthfully, the answer can change depending on the situation or factors leading you to consider the two. The answer to this question may be easy to answer for those just finishing a long workout or outdoor project. But the opposite option might be better for someone needing to cleanse themselves after a hard day in the office.

When considering the average person’s needs on a daily basis, taking a bath is generally a better option than taking a shower.

While an individual’s needs might change and a shower may appear to be more useful or necessary, in most cases, I believe that a nice warm bath is a perfect way to go. For reasons why I’ve come to this decision, keep reading and I might just make a believer of you!

Bathing is Much Better for Hygiene than Showering

Bathing is better for hygiene than showering. This fact may sound silly, but it’s actually true!

Showering can be much more stressful on the body when compared to taking a nice warm bath. When you take a shower, water runs all over your body and into areas where it might not be too healthy in some cases. With a bath, you are already in the water and it is your choice of how much exposure to the water will be felt.

Showering can also deplete skin of natural oils that keep it nice and healthy-looking. Once these essential oils are depleted from the body, they must be replaced or there could be some serious consequences!

Baths are safe, cozy ways to cleanse yourself without the negative consequences associated with showers.

Efficiency Experts Side with the Bathtub

When it comes to efficiency, bathing takes the cake. In fact, there have been studies done on this very topic!

It is actually proven that baths take less time than showers when both activities are considered equally- what?! It makes perfect sense when you think about all of the benefits a bath has over a shower. With all of the positive aspects of bathing, taking a bath is more efficient than showering.

Another reason why baths are better for efficiency is that they tend to be much less wasteful when compared with showers. Showers typically use up water faster and require someone to adjust the temperature throughout their cleaning process- wasting both time and resources! The same can’t be said for baths.

Baths are the clear winner when it comes to efficiency!

When it Comes to Popularity, Showering Wins Out

Bathing is definitely something that has been popular in the past, however, many people are moving away from it nowadays. A shower is more convenient and flexible than a bath which might be why most people choose to take one instead of the other now.

With common bathroom upgrades like walk-in showers and tiling that goes floor to ceiling, it can be hard to take a bath without feeling cramped. A shower, on the other hand, can easily allow you to spread out and enjoy the water cascading over your body.

In addition, as a homeowner reaches a certain age, showers become more appealing to those interested in an aging-in-place option. Bathtubs are often deeper, have higher sides, and are easier to slip in over a period of time.

That said, there are many reasons why bathing is still a better option for cleansing oneself than taking a shower.

I Prefer a Bath When it Comes to My Health

Bathing has many health advantages to it. Bathing in itself is very therapeutic and can help with stress relief and relaxation. With the option of adding in any number of essential oils or even Epsom salt, the therapeutic benefits are huge.

I also prefer bathing over showering when it comes to fighting off germs and being clean during flu season or other occasions where there is a higher risk of getting sick. Since you’re sitting down in the water, your body can easily wash away any harmful bacteria that may be present on your skin without having salts or oils in the water to clog your pores.

Baths not only clean up the lingering bacteria, but they can also help to clean your skin by removing dead skin cells and dirt that accumulates through the day. Bedsores and other bacterial-related infections are prevented by taking a bath every once in a while.

Baths also play a major role in muscle recovery after strenuous exercise or simply sore muscles from work or life in general. When we stay submerged in warm water, this helps to relax the muscles and flush out lactic acid, helping them feel refreshed when we get up from the bath.

Finally, baths can help with arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and overall bodily pain.

However, if you take too many baths or sit down in the tub for longer than 20 minutes at a time, it can actually cause problems like dry skin and even infections that lead to more serious health conditions. With all of these benefits (and drawbacks), ultimately I prefer taking baths over showers because they provide me with the most benefits that fit into my daily life.

The Many Kinds of Baths

There are many different kinds of baths that you can take. In general, the types fall into two categories: hot and cold.

Hot water ones include your typical bath with salts or oils added to give it some extra benefits (like detoxification) as well as a spa-style bath where jet streams allow for more pressure and cleansing power.

Cold baths, on the other hand, are great for healing muscles and tendons as well as relieving inflammation. They’re typically taken in a bathtub that’s been filled with ice and water or cold compresses can be used to bathe certain areas of the body.

There are also foot baths, which are self-explanatory, and sitz baths, which are meant for the perineal area. A sitz bath is great for people who have hemorrhoids, post-childbirth care, or other medical issues in that area.

No matter what type of bath you take, adding Epsom salt can help with any pain you’re experiencing as well as detoxification.

With the many types of baths available to us, it’s hard not to find one that will work for our individual needs.

When taking a look at showers in the same light, there just aren’t these same kinds of options available to you.

You can, of course, increase the water pressure or change the temperature, but it’s nowhere near as versatile as a bath.

My Final Thoughts

It’s hard not to find a bath that will fit your individual needs. I prefer taking baths over showers because they provide me with the most benefits that fit into my daily life, but it doesn’t mean you can’t take both if you so desire. With all of these choices available to us, there’s no need to worry about which way is better when it comes down to health and hygiene. The only thing left for you to do is decide what kind of bath suits your needs best!

For help picking out your new tub or shower that speaks to your soul, call us today and our in-house designer can work with you to make your dreams into reality.